About Us

  1. 1. Dealsfight is comparison engine and its prime goal is to help you to get best deal from major online retailers.
  2. 2. It not just deal with digging best available online deals, but also let you experience with online buyers social network.
  3. 3. You might be thinking what kind of social experience this would be. So let us explain you the same.
  4.   i. When you go online to buy some stuff. You first check reviews of retailer who sells it and than reviews of product which you are willing to buy.
  5.   ii. What if you get same reviews from your friends instead of some stranger. Your friends review would be more reliable right ?
  6.   iii. And how helpful it would be, if you do same favor to your friends by sharing your reviews and experience.
  7.   iv. You can even keep stop of your collection of wishlist from different retailer in one place.
  8.   v. We can this way notify you once this product price reaches in range of your price alert or any best deals.
  9.   vi. Share your wishlist with your friends.
  10. PRIVACY: Only friends from facebook who are using dealsfight.com would be able to see your activity
  11. login using your facebook account and get started with some new shopping experience.

Services we provide:

  1. - We provide comparison engine API web services.
  2. - Few other, which can be discussed during agreement.